The Mask Biz

     There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” -Charles


     At the Mask Biz, co-founders, Atakan Zilifli and Togi Bertan come into work every day because

they truly believe laughter can change the world. The mission of this fun loving company is to

combat the evils of the world by offering products that immediately invoke a response of smiling

and laughter.

     Throughout the history of comedy, comedians have always known the trick to changing one’s

outlook on life and maintaining hope in the world, is laughing through life’s toughest moments.

     This is not to ignore the real gravity that life’s situations can have on us, but to remind us in

those moments that life is fleeting and no matter what, it should be enjoyed. At the Mask Biz, we

urge you to take a moment each day to simply, laugh and appreciate life.

     The main theme of the Mask Biz company is laughter, fun, and having a good time. Atakan and

Togi have committed their business to using humor as a force for good. These partners have

taken the world of funny face masks to a new level, providing unique high quality characters,

including some of the most famous faces in pop-culture. Another thing you will also notice

throughout our diverse catalogue of over 600 products are original clever and witty disguises as

well as some of the latest popular children’s toys. As the saying goes, “laughter makes the heart

grow fonder”, and at the Mask Biz, we hope you you laugh until you cry! Have fun and as

always, be safe!

     Who Are Our Items for?

     Practical jokers, pranksters, tricksters, and people who enjoy having fun and laughing.

     Who Our Items Aren’t for?

     Those who do not enjoy a good joke, prank, laughing, or having fun at all.

Our goal is to provide a fun and entertaining gift or costume that will lighten the mood in any

room. We want to remind you to have safe fun with our toys and masks following all instructions

on items.

Have fun all!